Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hospital stay and More

Hey everyone!  No, I have not abandoned this blog... just been an interesting summer.  I've been busy figuring out the changes to Canadianize our AO for next year (and the next few years...) - which has me busy reading a new (well, old) Canadian History book.

But - just to make the summer more interesting - I ended up in the hospital for over a week because of a very bad infection in my leg.  I'm better now, and back home.

It seems like there are a million little details I'm trying to work out - because I'm someone that just works better if everything is worked out in advance.  The kids have been spending a lot of time outdoors - but also way too much time in front of screens.  It will make an interesting transition.

All of this means that we have not already started (like I had originally planned) - and will probably not start until September, although I'd like to take some time to run through a couple of days worth of school (probably taking about 4 days to do 2 days of school) to find details I don't have prepared, help the kids find out how things are working so they can be more independent, and to just work out a few kinks.

I'm also planning on going to the "Teacher Appreciation Days" at Staples - probably later today, or maybe next week.  They give some free gifts to teachers, plus we get a % off on that day (I think 25%?)  I'm just not sure what supplies I need.  I love going to these supply stores, hoping, I guess, to find something.... not sure what.... that will be just perfect.  Of course, whatever that "something" is - I want it to be inexpensive too!  I really can't think of many supplies we need right now....  some paper maybe (but I think we have a bunch) - a couple of binders?  We could use more crayons and pencil crayons while they are on sale... but not much else!