Friday, May 8, 2015

Curriculum Sale Finds!

There was a curriculum sale going on very recently nearby, and I was able to go with a little money in my pocket.  This is what I came home with - I think I did pretty good!

Delta spent a couple of days after the sale reading up on the babysitting course.  He has a few months before he is considered old enough to babysit (and I think I'd like him to take a live course...) but he was sure busy thinking about the information in the book.

I've been wanting to use the Getty-Dubay handwriting books as it is pretty much the same italic style that I've been using, but with a bit more guidance and instruction.  I was able to pick up levels A-E, which will pretty much work for everyone.

The German course is the older Power-Glide course - it came with everything including Cassette Tapes!   I tried the one for younger children years ago when Delta was in grade 1 - I had concerns with it and gave it away - but I've though since that I should have kept hold of it because I think Delta was just a bit too young when we tried it.   I need to look at this high-school-ish level more to see exactly how it works, but I think it will be worth it.  "German on the move" was thrown in as an extra by the seller.  It will be more of a learning phrases for travel type of resources, so I'm unsure as to its value.

Exploring Creation with General Science.  Yes - it is the 1st edition, and it was only the book.  I found the test and solutions manual, and the Multimedia CD, for 50 cents each, plus about $7.50 shipping for both of them (and a few other things I bough.)   I could really use the MP3/Audio CD - I've been able to find that they did exist for edition 1 - but I haven't found any for sale.  Anyone have one they no longer need?     Anyway, I was delighted to get this as I plan to have Delta use it next year.  It used to be on Ambleside Online's Year 7 list - but they are slowly moving to using living books for science.   I'm not ready to make a leap to do that for years 7+ though.

The Mystery of the Periodic Table is actually one of the new books on AO's Year 7 list though and so I did pick it up.  I've read it and it will be good for Delta who IS very interested in Chemistry.  I'll probably hold off to use that with the Chemistry course - although I probably wouldn't be upset if he chooses to read it early.

And then - Exploring Creation with Chemistry.  This is Edition 2, and I had to grab it as it was a very good price and came with everything.  There is now an Edition 3 - but it was a total re-write with a different author, and has a LOT of problems from what I understand.  I have read that there are errors, incorrect diagrams, things taught out of order (ie, there are things expected that you know in the early part of the book that aren't taught until later in the book) - all in edition 3.   So, I understand that people are quickly buying up edition 2 when they see it.  So I snapped it up while I could.  It will be a couple of years before we use it.   I will need to try to buy the MP3/Audio CD - hopefully I can get a time when it is a good price somewhere, but before they all disappear!

There was also a similar set, with a similar price, of Exploring Creation with Physics that I was really tempted to get.... but that would have put me over the amount I was prepared to spend - and it was even further in the future.


I have been working through my plans for next year - mainly concerning myself with what I'll use for Delta as the youngers generally use what I've used before, with minor tweaks here and there.  It is looking like we will be doing AO Year 5 for Delta for most subjects, but removing most or all of the science to make room for Exploring Creation with General Science.   I have a couple of possibilities in my head for writing, spelling, and grammer - none of which come easy to Delta.  I'm not sure we will continue with our attempts at Latin and German with him (generally topics that fall by the wayside....).   I gave him a list of options to chose from for the year (I gave him a nice write-up like might be given by a school - probably with more details....) - he isn't interested in languages or music or art options at all.... he was interested in logic (which I'd use 'The Falacy Detective', and Drawing/Drafting (which at this stage would likely be using the RightStart Hands-on Geometry lessons...).  He was also interested in the 'make your own project' option - with learning about the science of war machines.... not sure how I'd help him with that one!


Here are some pictures from the last few months!

Echo starting work on her Cub Car.

Foxtrot with her Beaver Buggie
Echo learning about Lines of Symmetry.  (The elastics make a butterfly picture)

Echo laying out 100 tiles like the abacus.