Roll Call

At times I will mention the online names of my family

The online names are from the phonetic (radio) alphabet....
As of  October 2013, they are:

Alpha - 30 year old (step-)son
Bravo - 28 year old (step-)daughter
Charlie - 23 year old (step-)daughter
Delta - 10 year old son
Echo - 7 year old daughter
Foxtrot - 5 year old daughter
Golf - 3 year old daughter

Zulu - 10 year old grandson (of Bravo)
Yankee - 4 year old granddaughter (of Bravo)
X-Ray - 1 year old grandson (of Bravo)

And - who am I?

My name is Heather, and I have been married to my lovely husband for 12 years.

I have been a Scouter or Guider for many years.

I grew up the daughter of a teacher, and started marking high school math papers at the age of 5.

I have my private pilot's license, although I haven't flown since I was 17. (it is a very expensive habit....)

I skydived 6 times when I was 17 - until I ran out of money. I still remember the feeling. "Skydivers know why the birds sing!"

I worry too much, plan too much, and sometimes drive my husband crazy because of it.

Anyway - that is who I am!

Cute Sayings from the family