Saturday, September 12, 2009

Homeschool Tracker and Workboxes

I have decided to use Homeschool Tracker (the basic version is free) to keep track of what we are doing each day. Fortunately where I live requires very little tracking - but we want to keep track more anyway. This seems like a simple way to plan, and track, very inexpensively. Sure, we end up ignoring the grades section - but so far it seems to be working quite well.

While I was figuring out next weeks workboxes, I had a great idea. I've put in all the assignments for each day into Homeschool Tracher.... but I've been having a fun time trying to keep track of what fun stuff to do.

So - here is the idea. Add a "Fun Stuff" subject into H.T. - and for the various ideas, make a resource! So I have resources like "Maze", "Jigsaw Puzzle", "Play Dough". etc. Then if I want to be specific, when I assign it, I use the page/chapter/etc to specify. The cool thing is the resources only show up when I say I want a fun resource. (And when printing reports later, I can choose to exclude the fun stuff subject too)

Basically, I look at the schedule for the day - count how many box activities there are, and then figure out how many fun boxes I need - then pick out that many assignments from the fun stuff subject.

I can later print out the planner sheet for a week - and add in the box numbers. Then each night - fill the boxes as usual.


  1. I recently bought homeschool tracker plus, but I'm still trying to figure out how it all works.

  2. Hm - wish I could help, but I know that the plus version is more complicated (because of the extra features) than plus.... and looks a lot different.

    Did you know there is a forum on the homeschool tracker website? They could probably help....

  3. I started out using the freebie Tracker too, but that only lasted a few weeks - told you I was lazy, didn't I!!

  4. Yeah, it does kind of add a step... although since I am doing Workboxes, and I've figured out how to plan the workboxes with it, and hopefully store some of the basic ideas for fun workboxes - I think it will be worth it.

    That said, looking at the reports it prints again, I'm not sure that it will be much use for a kind of final output on our year or anything.... maybe if we actually HAD marks and grades...