Friday, September 11, 2009

The Great Canadian Search

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I have been having a lot of "fun" trying to figure out our Canadian History and Geography resources. Honestly, almost anytime I start reading a book about Canadian History - I'm about ready to fall asleep. It isn't that Canadian History is boring - because really it isn't. However - the way it was taught in school was horrible - and I really didn't retain much. Most of the bits of Canadian History that I know I learned later.

I haven't figured out if there just aren't any good living books about Canadian History - or if my school reflexes kick in. I'm starting to suspect the first. What I'd really like to find is a great "spine" book that has a lot of the basics of Canadian history in it - and then some good biographies and other books (historical fiction perhaps) to add to it. And I'm having problems finding them.

And I don't think I'm alone. It seems that on the cmcanada yahoo group, the question comes up regularily. And although there are usually some answers along the lines of "I'm using this" - I really don't remember anyone saying "we use this and it is totally fantastic!" or anything even close to it. Yes, there are some good recommendations of individual books - like the Barbara Greenwood books like we are using for Year 1.

I'm even having fun trying to figure out good Canadian Literature - especially for the early years. I do know some Canadian authors - mostly from school. But again - I ended up hating them in school.

So - there is my rant. I am checking out some Canadian history books from the library, to try to plan the Year 2 - 6 for Canadian History. I am open to suggestions!

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