Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Robert Bateman Pictures picked!

I know this took a while, but I have finally picked the pictures to be studied that were painted by Robert Bateman. This took a while, as Robert Bateman has created MANY beautiful and important pictures.

I have tried to select pictures that are available for viewing online (although still copy-protected) - that show various types of subjects, and ones that are often thought of if you talked about Robert Bateman.

Please check out the pictures at (note that you will need to look around on the site to find each picture.

I couldn't decrease it from 8 pictures.... you will have to make the final 2 cuts....

I selected...
  1. Giant Panda
  2. The Return - Bald Eagle
  3. Power Play - Rhinoceros
  4. Watching Siberian Tiger
  5. Wolf Pair in Winter
  6. The Challenge - Bull Moose
  7. Ice Berg and Hump Back Whale (the style on this is a bit different)
  8. Polar Bear Profile.


  1. I've never heard of this artist, but I just love his website!! I'm planning to have a good guddle at a later stage!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Jeanne - I'm thinking "guddle" must be an aussie phrase - I assume you are going to have a good look later?

    Robert Bateman is a phenominal nature artist - and will be the featured artist probably a few times. That website has just a few of his pictures. Actually, I may just have the kids view his paintings with other subjects.... for instance, he has paintings of a huge number of birds - so fantastic while we are reading the bird book!

    He is a Canadian artist, so is probably known more in Canada, although I think he is known in the United States and England as well. He strongly promotes nature (as you can imagine.)

  3. No, lol! guddle is a 'me' phrase!!