Friday, September 18, 2009

Nature Challenge 1

So the other day, we officially started doing the Outdoor Hour Nature Challenges.

It ended up being a really busy day that I had set aside for this, but decided not to put it off anymore anyway. So, we took a little stroll down our road to check out what we could find. There are other nature areas we could go to (and have in the past) but this worked for the time we had.) It is amazing what you can find in
the city right in your yard
and neighbourhood.

Delta decided he wanted to find out more about a little plant growing along the side of the road. I don't know what it is yet - but it is very short, looks a little prickly but isn't, and has a little "ball" on the top that is yellow. I suspect it is some type of wildflower weed. He also wanted to find out more about some rocks (gravel on the driveways....)

Echo wants to find out more about pinecones and ladybugs.

I picked a tall green plant growing out of one of the neighbours storm-ditch... and a very tall weed-flower I saw nearby that I think might be goldenrod or something like that.

Foxtrot just went in the stroller for the ride - keeping us busy by taking off her hat and throwing it on the ground without us noticing.

It was a hot day, so when we got home we had ice water and freezies!

The challenge can be found at

Oh, and just wanted to mention, we saw a rabbit today outside a house. It watched us for quite a while, just sitting still. It was there even after we got in the car, and started it up to drive away!

Well, I have looked up Pineapple Weed (thanks to a suggestion) for the little weed with the yellow balls on top - and I'm not totally sure. It looks very similar - except Pineapple weed is a composite flow
er, and I'm sure all that we looked at only had one flower per plant.... and one of the descriptions I read on pineapple weed said it grows from 10-40cm - and ours was a LOT smaller.

Also Here is the tall green weed in the ditch - it is hard to see, but there it is...


  1. Welcome to the Outdoor Hour Challenges! I love that you took your walk right in your own neighborhood because you will find lots of things to study and be surprised.

    I think the plant with the little yellow ball is pineapple-weed. Do a quick Google search. I think this is an interesting plant and would make a great subject for the nature journal.

    I look forward to reading your next entry.

    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. Thanks. We are actually fortunate too that although we live in the city, our neighbourhood has the feeling of being in a smaller town. Also, nearby we have a fantastic hiking trail that we can walk to.... but it would definitely be a longer walk.

    I will look up pineapple-weed and see if that is it - I've been trying to figure out how to find out what it is.