Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day & Workboxes

The Workboxes

Well, we had our first day of Grade 1 (and I guess preschool) - and we did do workboxes. And I have to say, the workboxes worked well for us. The only upset was that I only filled 9 boxes instead of all 12!

Delta had 9 boxes - I think they were...

  1. Scriptures
  2. Math (MEP)
  3. Puzzle (a fun box - he loves puzzles!)
  4. Read Along - Canadian History
  5. Handwriting
  6. Read Along - World History
  7. Picture Study
  8. Read Along - Geography
  9. Stencils (a fun box)

Filled Workboxes

Echo only had 4 boxes (partly because that was the space I had....) She had
  1. blank paper and crayons (brand new ones!)
  2. Magnext
  3. Reading Cards (phonics)
  4. A worksheet (I bought a few worksheet books for stuff for her to do) - basically colouring
She zoomed through them pretty fast though - I guess there was nothing that different from what she usually does. I need to put in some items she isn't used to, and some more. She played fairly quietly with us.

Echo's Workspace

Delta's Desk


  1. I love your workboxes. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  2. Thanks. I wasn't sure they would work - but they are!