Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Workbox Wednesday

Well, for what it is worth, here is what we did today in our workboxes. (Sorry, I didn't take pictures) - I'm not sure I've got the order the same as we did it....

Delta (Year 1)
  1. Math Lesson
  2. Scriptures reading
  3. A Pioneer Story reading
  4. Plastic Canvas [this ended up not working, as the plastic needle I bought didn't fit through the holes! OOPS!] - changed it to cutting practice on the fly
  5. Burgess Bird Book reading
  6. Cursive First
  7. Polite Moments reading
  8. Treadwell Primer (Reading instruction)
  9. Stamp Collection
  10. On the Shores of the Great Sea reading
  11. Leap Pad
  12. Practice Skipping (outside) - for Otter badge
  1. Mosaic (pegs in peg board)
  2. Colouring worksheet
  3. Maze
  4. Reading Instruction
  5. Literature - Winnie the Pooh book
  6. Make Lunch with mom
There was a bit of waiting by both kids for me - some days it works out better than others. Today there was a LOT of reading that needed to get done. Over-all though, it still went very well.

I wish I had more items setup for Echo however. She gets done very quickly - and nothing I have entertains her very long. So far she has been pretty content to play near us - and sometimes watches what we are doing. (She loves to watch the math, for instance.)

I do think that the workboxes work out very well, as I haven't yet heard "Are we done after this?"


  1. How are you finding the preparation before hand?

  2. It sounds like Echo is a preschooler. Check out for some great activities to keep her occupied while her sibling is doing schoolwork. I just organized a swap and so far, it looks like it was worth the effort. There's also an activity bags yahoo group. HTH

  3. Jeanne - the prep is taking a bit of time still, but I think I will get faster at it.

    Some of the time that I'm taking is getting each reading out and marked, and gathering all the stuff for math or handicrafts etc. I'd have to do that anyway (or the lessons would take longer while we paused while I found it.)

    The other time I'm spending is a bit longer - getting stuff together for the couple of fun boxes. I haven't made a lot of things or anything like that - but it is taking some time. Again, I'm thinking it is worth it because he is always happy to do the other boxes to get to the fun activity box.

    The last bit of time was before we started school - setting up the numbers on the box, etc. I do want to spend a bit more time getting some activity cards setup so that they can see the day kind of setup. (Ie, Violin practice cards, or Swim lesson cards, etc) that would go on their schedule grid. I haven't done it yet though.

  4. Hi Mavibu, thanks for the comment!

    I have looked at the site, and it looks interesting. I haven't bought the book yet, but might do it, and organize a swap.

    Ack - another yahoo group! hm, well I may have to check it out, as I do need more things for her to do.

    (Yes, Echo is a pre-schooler. She is 3 and a half. - but very into doing whatever Delta is doing)