Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MEP Notes and Errata

I am writing this to make notes of any errata in the MEP program, and to clear any confusion. This page will be updated as items are found.

(Some of these were found by people on the mep yahoo group)


  • A textbook is mentioned - but is not really necessary. You can do the program without buying it.
  • When you print any pages out with measurement questions - make sure that you have Adobe set to NOT stretch/scale to fit the page, or your measurements will be wrong when you measure the items. I set it this way in general - I lose the page numbers and have to handwrite them in - but it saves the problem. (This problem is caused by the pdf's being made for the standard European A4 paper, which is a little longer than the American standard letter sized paper.)
  • Don't worry about converting the pounds and pence questions, just mention that they use different money, but it works the same as dollars and cents.
  • If you are from the states - don't convert all the measurements from metric. Metric is base 10, and very easy. It helps with the concepts of place value in earlier years, and is used in most of the world, and in science. If day-to-day life isn't giving enough american measurement practice, buy a cheap unit from the store on measurements to work on that one item.

One other area that can cause confusion is the numbers within a > or <> where the 1 is little and inside the > sign means ONE more than. If there was a 2 there, it would mean TWO more than. Same with the <> ? the only right answer is 4, whereas 5 > ? has answers of 4,3,2,1,0 (,.....)

Reception Year

  • Lesson 2, Activity 2. Question asks "How many cars did you not color in?" Answer is shown as 2. Answer should be 1.
  • Lesson 39, Activity 2. Question asks "How many animals are there altogether?" Answer is shown as 8. Answer should be 9
  • Lesson 41, Activity 2. Question asks "What is beside the scarf?" Answer is shown as Umbrella and Pine-tree. Answer should be Umbrella and Flower
  • Lesson 43, Activity 2 (Game 7) - Game is impossible to win as printed. As you can move up and down only with even numbers, you need an ODD number of rows (as you don't count the row you start on....) But there are an even number of rows in the grid, so you can never get to the winning row. ALSO, my kids found this game too frustrating, as they would roll a number that to move they had to move away from their goal... So we quit this game early.
  • Lesson 48, Activity 1 - Very last line in the activity - in the Explanation - Says Three and two and five make nine altogether... the five should be four.
  • Lesson 53, Activity 1 - There are 4 triangles, and 5 circles. Partway through it asks "Which are thee more of, triangles or circles?" (Circles) "How many more?" - Two more circles than triangles. Obviously should be ONE more circle than triangles.

Year 1

  • Some of the early practice pages have questions that are never mentioned in the lesson - ?
  • Posters - they were misnumbered - but might be fixed on the website?
  • Note that occasionally you do some practice pages further in the book than you are - these seem to be some writing practice pages.
  • Note that on occasion the student can choose which question out of a few to do.... let them!
  • Lesson 25 Q2. - This is not a typo, this question introduces the concept of negative numbers. Get out the number line with negative numbers and have a go with your child. It is fine if they don't "get it" - but many children do, and it is a nice intro.
  • Lesson 34 Activity 5 - Lesson plan says to Take 12 from 3. Should be take 1 from 3.
  • Lesson 73 Activity 1 - On the lesson plan, it says to write on the BB: 9-3=7.... this is obviously wrong...
  • Lesson 73 Activity 2 - Says the question is "Each plate had 8 pears on it" but the question book says "Each plate has 9 pears on it" - should be 9.
  • Lesson 93, Activity 2 - Says to use calendar from lesson 91 to figure out answers - but questions show year 1999, and calendar on pg 91 is from 2001. Change the 1999's to 2001 to match.
  • Lesson 100 Q3 - Note that you can change the operation sign too, not just the numbers!
  • Lesson 126 Activity 3 - Minor one... title is Pictures of 14, and says to look at the pictures of 14.... should be 15.
  • Lesson 139 Activity 1 - Count down by 4's. Says 17, 13, 8, 5, 1. Should be 17, 13, 9, 5, 1

Year 2

  • Lesson 174 Q5 - We think the answer should be 1 apple = 36 bananas not 9 as in the LP.

Year 3

  • Lesson 10 Activity 7a - (extra activities) - The last numbers in the table are 8 with a 6 under it. Either change the 8 to a 2, or just clear out the 8 and let the student work out that it is a 2. (8 is definitely wrong!)
  • Lesson 54 Activity 4 - Says 89 divided by 0 = 0. Answer should be undefined.

Year 6

  • Lesson 2 Activity 1 - 177 is not a prime number. Should be 277.

Year 8

  • Unit 1, Lesson 5, Critical Path Analysis, Problem #4 - Float time for B might be 17, not 7. Float time for G might be 27, not 20. This is unconfirmed.

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