Friday, November 19, 2010

A Simple Thing

The other day, I did something really simple. I took a map that I printed a year ago of the world (it is on 6 pieces of paper taped together), and taped it to the wall near our kitchen table. The kids had seen the map before on occasion, we own a globe, and often use Google Earth. Yet, this simple action has been a big hit. The kids have ON THEIR OWN gathered around the map pointing out the various continents, and countries that mean something to them. Some place will be mentioned on the TV, and they will run to point it out on the map (not always correctly, mind you).

I'm sure the novelty will wear off at some point, but in the meantime they are getting a better understanding of where things are in the world. And when the novelty HAS worn off, I can always change it for a Canadian map.......

[I would post the link from where I printed the map.... but the link listed on the map doesn't work anymore. It was somewhere on the National Geographic Site...]


  1. Great idea! We keep a Canadian map under plastic on our kitchen table and we spend many minutes while we eat looking for places in Canada. I really need to get a world map so we can look things up internationally.

  2. Yes - and I have to find a spot for the Canadian Map... lol. I have considered the "on the table under plastic" route.... might just try that out too.