Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Canadianized AO - Year 2 (updated)

Because the AO Curriculum changed their Science Books slightly for Year 2, it just seemed that our Term 2 was a bit heavy with Owls in the Family there, and then our Term 3 was ending up on the light side.  So I've moved Owls in the Family to Term 3, from my previous schedule.

I am also removing "The Story of Canada" by Janet Lunn - as we will be using "The Story of Canada" by E.L. Marsh instead - starting in Year 3.

Most of the year will be based on AO's Year 2

Booklist Change Summary:

  • Remove - This Country of Ours.  (Used the D'Aulaire biographies where there is an option.  TCOO is not used at all)
  • Add - Canadian Minutes from Historica (these are the "Canadian Minute" ads from TV - we watch them online)
  • Add - The Fishing Summer (authors last name is Jam)
  • Add - The Fabulous Song (authors last name is Gillmor)
  • Add - Owls in the Family (Fawley Mowatt)
  • Optional in Free Reads - Abraham Lincoln & Brighty of the Grand Canyon 
  • Note - we also don't do Trial and Triumph
  • (Add - Young Folk's History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Nephi Anderson) 
Note - I generally tried not to add something without removing something, so as not to overburden the year. For History, that was generally easy, as we were not doing Trial and Triumph, and also removed the US History.   For Literature, I made 2 books optional in the Free Reads - and 2 of the Canadian additions are fairly "light"   I also looked at the number of readings each week, as well as chronology of the history, to determine where to add in the Canadian content.

Weekly Changes 
(I haven't noted the readings by week that you don't read from the AO schedule for the books that were removed.)

Week 1
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 1
  • The Fishing Summer (entire book)
Week 5
Week 9
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 3

Week 10
  • The Fabulous Song (entire book)

Week 13
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 4

Week 17
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 5

Week 21
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 6

Week 25
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 7
Week 27
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 1
Week 28
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 2
Week 29
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 3
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 8
Week 30
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 4
Week 31
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 5
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 6
Week 32 
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 7
Week 33 
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 8
  • Young Folk's History... - Chapter 9
Week 34
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 9
Week 35
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 10
Week 36
  • Owls in the Family Chapter 11


  1. It is great to see your Canadianised AO. I try to keep page count the same too, when I substitute books.

  2. Thanks! I really appreciate getting to look at your blog to get an idea of how you Austrailianized AO.

    (Sorry it took so long for your comment to get posted - it got stuck in SPAM.)