Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year in Review - 2012

This time last year, Delta was 8, Echo was almost 7, Foxtrot was 3, and Golf was only 18 months old.   Also grandkids: Zulu was 8, and Yankee was 2 and a half.   We were using a Mentoring Program developed by the creator of Milestones Academy.  (The Mentoring program is now closed.)

Now we are doing AO with my modifications (mostly Canadian changes).  Delta has over 20 badges in Cubs. Echo is still loving Beavers. Foxtrot has finished "Teach Your Child to read in 100 Easy Lessons, and is reading books on her own.  And Golf has gotten glasses and has turned into a person, and is learning to use the toilet.

Here are posts from 2012 that made Top posts of all time on the blog (based on the stats)

Hospital Stay and More   (thanks for the concern!)
Cute Song
Computer Desk? Dresser? What is it?
Housewife Poem

The Top 2 Pages are

The top Referring URL's (since Maple Hill Academy opened) have been:
See Jamie Blog
Satori Smiles
Latter-Day Homeschooling
Simply Charlotte Mason

Actually, I think Simply Charlotte Mason would rate higher, but it looks like theirs is broken down based on the forum topics that referred to here.

And looking at the year....


I updated the Gospel Principles Study for Young Children
I also did a Week in Review
I shared a Housewife Poem


We tried out the SmartMusic program


Found out the Golf would need Glasses (As I suspected)
I shared a cute homeschooling song
And Golf finally got her Glasses 


I discovered a free flashcard program called Anki


We got to see an astronaut! 
I also worried a lot about the upcoming school year as more changes were going to be needed.


I updated/Created a plan for Canadianized AO Year 2 and Year 1
I shared some cute things my kids have said over the years...


I worked out an LDS Hymn rotation similar (and with some matching songs) as the AO Hymn rotation.
I found what will likely be our Canadian History spine for the future
We figured out where to put our new (to us) computers


I was in the Hospital


I must have been busy homeschooling, as I didn't post anything!


I gave a basic overview of our day
I also mentioned about how music is just in our home


I put a basic plan for maps that we might draw to go along with AO


We finished the 1st Term of AO, and tried our first ever Term Exams
Another Week in Review
And I shared how well our Timeline Binders are going.

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