Friday, February 28, 2014

Working for me - Spelling Bees...

Ok, Mike has been teasing me about how easy it is to read my blog - with only a post or two a month.  It just seems like life is so busy now!

Anyway, I wanted to share another "Working for Me Thursday" (even though it is Friday) with everyone.

What is working is - Friday Spelling Bees.

We are using All About Spelling for our spelling program, which has been working well.  Most steps in the program have a list of words for extra practice.  I use these words each week to have a fun spelling practice by having an informal spelling bee.  I use ANKI (with the extra words in their own deck) set to bring the cards up randomly.  Each student gets cards from their own lists, so it is fair.

It gives a chance to see if they are internalizing the rules, and not just memorizing the main words.

Still Working For Us

SkedTracker - working great - more work is getting done each day since we started!
- All About Spelling - still works well!

Not Working For Us Anymore

Children's Miracle Music - well, I just use this now and then anyway.... it works as a once-in-a-while item.
Sassmannshaus Violin - I'm frustrated.  I just am tired of the fight to get kids to practice.

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  1. I like that idea, being able to see if they're internalizing the rule or just the specific wordlist!