Sunday, December 5, 2010

Unexpected Nature to Study

So with winter, we haven't been getting outside as much as I'd like, and we haven't really done a proper nature study since before Golf was born. Delta and Echo have asked when we would do a Nature Study....

Well, we haven't done much but we did get a surprise opportunity to observe some nature from out window.

On Thursday, Delta looked out our front window and said "there is a deer in our yard!" It didn't stay very long, but we all got a good look. Now, deer are often in our neighbourhood, especially at night - but we don't see them very often during the day. So I'm figuring - what are the chances? Well, on Friday - there was a deer in our yard again. It didn't stay long but we did get a quick glimpse. On Saturday, we saw 2 run through the yard. And today? Well, I was at church, but Delta and Foxtrot were home with dad because they were sick - and apparently there was one in the yard again today.

Delta had the chance on Friday or Saturday to be outside for a while, and he observed their tracks (apparently at some time - probably at night - a deer came almost right to our living room window.) Delta has also observed their "scat" in our yard.

Ask and ye shall receive?


  1. It's crazy when the deer start coming into the yard. Thankfully we have only seen a couple in our yard over the course of three years. I'm trying to keep my vegetable garden a secret! :)

    We went on a short "track walk" the other day following the tracks the deer left in the field behind our house. They went along the train tracks which then made my son (3) give us all a safety lesson about not walking on the train tracks. We were also able to observe a pile of grass and leaves that the deer were rooting through as well as some tiny tracks that we haven't been able to identify.

    I was worried about nature study in the winter but I think we'll be okay (except for the freezing cold days and the blizzards of course!) I also decided to count time reading the Burgess books (animals and birds) as nature study during the winter.

  2. Yes, the deer have already discovered our little bit of a garden.

    There is a lot we can do for nature study in winter. I've been meaning to get our bird feeder back up, but need to buy more seed for it.