Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sometimes Overwhelmed

There are days when I feel almost overwhelmed in trying to plan my children's education. It really makes me appreciate the hard work that has been done by the creators of Ambleside Online, Milestones Academy, Simply Charlotte Mason, and for that matter many others. I have benefited greatly, and will continue to do so, by these fine people.

It would seem that what I'm trying to do should be a lot easier. (and it probably is...) All I'm trying to do is Canadian-ize the plans.

I have access to some lists... the cmCanada yahoo group has a list of Canadian History literature books. I've been reading a list of Canadian literature books.

Trying to figure out what is best, the right age/reading level, will fit in with the other books... what should be taken out to make room.

Not sure why I'm sharing this...

btw - I should have updated schedules on the file group for Year 1, and one for Year 2 soon.

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  1. It is now 2016 and I have tried looking for the cmcanada yahoo group after reading about it on the AO Canada page- but to no avail. I would love to have access to this list of Canadian literature and living history this group still running somewhere else? Is the literature list available somewhere? Thank you for any help you can give!