Monday, August 1, 2011

Bunk Room Dream

Well, here is a blog with the Bunk Room of my dreams... (Although we would need a girl version...)

- I'd love to order a 4 bunk girls version for Echo, Foxtrot, Golf (once out of the crib) and Yankee could use the 4th when she visits... And then a 2 bunk boy version for Delta, and Zulu could use the 2nd when he visits.

(Of course, this isn't something your order... you have to build it.)

[somehow the date got changed on this post...]


  1. That is seriously the coolest thing!! We're talking about getting a bunk bed with a trundle (to sleep a total of 3 kids) some time this year to make the crib available for the next baby to take over. But, man, I wish we could make something like this! We only have one (good sized) bedroom for all our kids to share.

  2. Yes, I wish too. We figure the making of it would probably cost less than a lot of premade bunkbeds do (especially the ones for 3, or 2 sets of bunkbeds...) - but we don't have a large enough room.

    I understand the figuring out beds for many kids in a room. We have the 3 girls in one room (a bunkbed and a crib) and our son now has his own room.