Thursday, May 19, 2011

Moving into Summer Schedule

Summer is fast approaching, and we are starting to finish off some of our resources. I don't want us to drop school all together over the summer, but I don't want it to be a full amount of school either. Here is what I'm thinking...

Scouting - finish up the Otter badges for Delta (and work on some for Echo)

Art - I'm thinking of tackling the "Drawing with Children" book with them as a fun set of activities that will improve their drawing skills - hopefully done in a fun way.

Picture Study - I want to do a Canadian Artist... maybe Emily Carr?

Scriptures - continue with readings and memorizing... probably daily

Copywork - probably about 2x a week instead of daily

German - also just a couple of times a week... try for fun things like Sesame Street in German etc.

Literature & Reading Instruction - mostly just leisure reading - maybe pick one book for a family read

Math - a couple of times a week, to keep skills fresh.

Violin - regular practice - mainly review.

Nature Study - lots and lots of this!!!

Phys-ed - a couple of summer sessions of swimming

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