Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Well, we have had a couple of weeks of school so far, and although getting back into routine has had its bumps, things seem to be progressing.

Delta started cubs last week, and we have gotten him a uniform.  Scouts Canada has changed uniforms this year, so he has a brand new cub shirt.  (In case you are wondering, he will do cubs with our church unit, but he will also do Timber Wolves with BPSA).

Delta Sewing on his Badge
So today I taught Delta how to sew on his own badges.  This will meet some of a badge requirement (I'll need to teach him how to sew on a button....) but most importantly it will teach him the important skill of basic sewing.  He was thrilled to be doing the sewing, and the fact that it was a real project, not just some made-up sewing thing done to teach skills, probably made it even more so.

Badge Sewn On
In school, we are enjoying Right Start Math so far.  We have started Level B, which is very easy for them.  We are doing about 2 lessons a day, and Delta and Echo are doing it together.  Foxtrot often sits in to do math, but after the first lesson or so, it was over her head (which I expected.)  I hope to get Level A for her soon, so she can do math at her speed when she wants.  

Here is Foxtrot singing "Yellow is the Sun"

We are also enjoying reading "Boy of the Pyramids".  Yes, we ended up doing Ancients again.

Now if I can just get my habits going better, so that I can help the children with theirs!

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