Friday, March 30, 2012

The glasses are here

Golf's First Day with glasses

After 2 weeks, and the lenses being rejected twice by the optician, Golf now has her glasses.  We got a very toddler/baby friendly type called MiraFlex.  The frames are made from a flexible plastic, and are only one piece with no hinges... so they shouldn't break.  They have a little headband to help keep them on, and nothing that should hurt her.  I've been told that she can even nap in them.

So far she has taken to them quite well.  We got them early this afternoon and she wore them without complaint for quite a few hours.  It was quite interesting when we first put them on her, then showed her a mirror - as she was quite fascinated with her face.  I hadn't realized until we ordered her glasses how far-sighted she is.  Her prescription is around a  +8.  This means that most of the things she has been looking at up to now, especially close things, have been a big blurry mess to her.  (Oh, this is also why the lenses are so finickity to get right - as they had to be made out of light-weight lenses, but it is quite a strong prescription.)

She hasn't been wearing them well this evening - but I imagine her nose and ears are tired - plus it must be hard on the eyes/mind with the big change.  There is only a short time to bedtime - and so we will start fresh in the morning.  I hope she mostly wears them well, as she can be quite stubborn if she wants - and it will be a lot harder keeping them on than it was a few years ago with my 3 year old...    I've been told that usually with that strong of a prescription, the child quickly wants to wear them so they can see, and that "compliance" in wearing them usually isn't a problem.

On another note, thought I'd add a picture of the kids doing work the other day.  Golf wanted to join in.  Foxtrot was off colouring somewhere (probably on the walls, sigh)....

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