Monday, June 4, 2012

Canadianized AO Year 1

There are some ideas on Canadianizing AO here, but for Years 1-3, we just didn't have access to any of the Canadian History books recommended.  I am still not totally satisfied with the history books we have found - but will make use of what is available.

My general plans for all the years, are available here, (there are some changes) - but this post will give much more detailed information for Year 1, including fitting it in the AO Year 1 schedule.  Note that there are changes from the last time we did Year 1 - so there may be changes in the future.

Most of the year will be based on AO's Year 1

There are some changes listed here which are personal changes instead of Canadianizing....

Booklist Change Summary:
  • Remove - Benjamin Franklin
  • Remove - George Washington
  • Remove - Buffalo Bill
  • Add - Hudson - Janice Weaver
  • Add - Laura Secord - Janet Lunn
  • Add - Alexander Graham Bell - Elizabeth MacLeod
  • Add - Canadian Minutes (the Canadian Minute ads from Historica - we watch them online)
  • Remove - Blue Fairy Book (We didn't enjoy many of the Blue Fairy Stories selected by the AO Advisory.)
  • Add - Rainbow Fairy Book (We bought this at a good price - so our Fairy Stories are from here)
  • Add - Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt
  • Add - A Fiddle for Angus
  • Add - Very Last First Time
  • Add - Dragonfly Kites
  • Optional in Free Reads- Pocahontas, Red Fairy Book)
  • Note - we also don't do Trial and Triumph
Note - I generally tried not to add something without removing something, so as not to overburden the year. I was quite careful to balance out the Rainbow Fairy Books, similar to how the Blue Fairy Book stories were scheduled.

Weekly Changes 
(I haven't noted the readings by week that you don't read from the AO schedule for the books that were removed.)

Week 2
  • Selina and the Bear Paw Quilt (Entire Book)
Week 3
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - The Nightingale
Week 6
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - Snow White and Rose Red
Week 8
  • Hudson (1/3+)
Week 9
  • Hudson (1/3+)
Week 10
  • Hudson (finish book)
Week 12
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - Hansel and Gretel
Week 6
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - Master Cat
Week 15
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - Jack and the Beanstalk
Week 17
  • A Fiddle for Angus (Entire Book)
Week 18
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - The Six Swans
Week 19
  • Laura Secord (1/3+)
Week 20
  • Laura Secord (1/3+)
Week 21
  • Laura Secord (finish book)
Week 26
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - Cinderella
Week 27
  • Very Last First Time (entire book)
Week 28
  • Alexander Graham Bell (1/3+)
Week 29
  • Alexander Graham Bell (1/3+)
Week 30
  • Alexander Graham Bell (finish book)
Week 31
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - Rumplestiltzkin
Week 32
  • Dragonfly Kites
Week 36
  • Rainbow Fairy Book - East of the Sun, West of the Moon

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