Thursday, April 4, 2013

Week so far

Hey everyone - just wanted to mention that I'm feeling a bit better since the other day.  The week is almost over, and tomorrow is our light day (just a few light subjects, and then timelines, picture study etc.)

Monday - well, I guess the April fool was on me, as I came down with a bad cough and cold that has kept me fairly miserable all week. I am hoarse, and overall sound and feel awful.   Delta was also not feeling well and didn't do school or swim lessons.    Echo worked on math practice sheets, spelling, and a reading or two.

Tuesday - I'm still sick - but Delta seems to be better.  We started with Reading Bears Fast-Track - which I've heard has done well with many kids to improve reading.  The rest of the day went about like normal.  Delta moved into the next step of All About Spelling 1.  I think Tuesday is also when Foxtrot finished Level A of RightStart Math  (or now that I think of it, that might have been last week....)

Wednesday - Yup, I'm still sick.  But as I've been asked to be a Cub leader again, I needed to go to the police station to order a Criminal Record Check to give to Scouts Canada.... so I declare a field trip.  We take the bus downtown, go to the police station, and take the bus back.  That counts, doesn't it?

Thursday - today. - Ok, I'm tired of being sick.  We did fairly full day, although we didn't do foreign language at all (or at all this week), and I didn't do copywork either.   I'm almost at a loss about what to do about copywork right now.  Delta avoids it if at all possible.  He does like it more if it is from his school work (quotes from Burgess Animal Book or Robin Hood) - but it does get tiring looking for quotes for him.   And Echo is making most of her letters wrong again, and I just haven't had the heart to get ready to start from scratch - which it looks like we will need to do....    I almost wish I could buy some copywork books for them  (maybe the Getty Dubay series....).

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