Wednesday, October 22, 2014

RightStart Card Game Storage

Ok, I haven't gone away.  I've even tried to post a couple of times, and something would always happen.   Anyway, life with 3 students and a preschooler have kept me busy busy busy!

I mentioned on the RightStart Yahoo group that I had finally found the perfect storage for our Math Card Games box.... and everyone wanted pictures.... So here we go.

I was in Ikea, looking in their storage box area, and there it was... a box with nice slots for cards, deep enough for the Number Card Deck, with slots big enough for envelopes for the multiplication deck sets...  and I figured it would be perfect.   I have also bought a couple of little boxes designed for holding paper clips / safety pins at the dollar store.  They are working well for the Corners cards, the Clock Cards, and the Clock Cards that come from Level A/B Appendixes.   Finally I have the Tally Stick / Finger / Abacus / Bead Cards right now in a ziplock bag - they are a bit longer than normal cards, and I haven't found a solution for them yet.   Folded in the bottom I have a hundred chart and the Swim to 10 board.  There is also room for a couple of pencils, a notepad, and a few legos for Swim to Ten.

The Ikea box is a "Glis" box which is about $5 in Canada.

The total cost of this storage solution was about $8, except of course I got the safety pins and paper clips as well.

The only thing that would make it better is if I could put the card games book in there too.

You may want to read about our Manipulatives Storage too.

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