Saturday, September 10, 2016

Scheduling 2016-2017

So another year is starting, and scheduling has been a big concern this year because... I will have 4 children in 4 different years of Ambleside Online.   This has taken some thought - especially as I will NOT be using Homeschool Planet like I did last year.   Don't get me wrong, I liked homeschool planet a lot.  But sometimes I had to tweak it a bit to make it do what I want, the reports were a bit disappointing, and, most of all, with the Canadian Dollar being so low, it is just plain too expensive for us this year.

Enter in - the paper plan!   

As Piney-Woods Homeschool uses a similar concept in scheduling AO - that is (basically) to schedule a number of AO readings a day instead of specifying the books - I was delighted when that blog had recent posts on scheduling some of the AO years in which she has students.   I followed the same ideas, of course specialized for our family and our Canadian content.  This created a daily/weekly checklist for each of my students.  This goes into a page protector so we can mark things off for the day or week with a dry erase marker.

Year 3 schedule.   Books not scheduled for the week get crossed out

Then I turned my attention to what to do about me.   I will have 4 students, and they need my help more than I would prefer....  I also have limited time.  I have decided to do what I can using a Loop schedule.  Actually, there will be 2.

First will be a math loop.  I will loop through each child.  I am trying this year to have Delta do 2 different levels of RightStart at the same time.  I got the idea from someone else, and will see how it works.  He is over 1/2 way through Level E.  Level G focuses on Geometry, and is written to the student - so (in theory) will be independent.  This will help spare a bit of my time.    So this is a simple loop (setup for 2 days)

Then there will be a loop for everything else done with me - generally rotating through students.   So, for instance, spelling for each student, an AO reading with each student, etc.   Ideally we would get through it all each day... but yes, that isn't going to happen.  This will also get put into a page protector, and I will cross them out as we move through the list.

My loop schedules

We will see how it goes... hopefully well!

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