Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Year 1 Supply List

Well, School Supply lists are starting to appear in the stores - so I think I will work out our supply list. These are the things I think will be needed as well as the actual books we will be reading.

This is a rough guide - I make no claims to this being all inclusive...
  • 1 Lined Notebook (divide into 3) for drawing/dictated, narrations, etc for "Polite Moments", Literature, drawing practice
  • 1 Lined Notebook (divide into 3) for History. (Canadian/Family/World) and Geography
  • 1 Lined Notebook for Science
  • 1 (or 2) blank notebook/sketchpad for Drawing and Naturestudy
  • 1 4x6 photo album with space beside each picture for writing - for picture study
  • 1 small binder to put in handwriting/copywork pages.
  • 1 small binder or other for the MEP Math Workbook pages (I keep the pages not being worked on in my main MEP math binder - but will put out a few weeks worth in the small binder)
  • 1 large binder and a set of dividers for mom's MEP Math book. (Lesson plans, workbook pages, overheads, "posters", etc)
  • Large Scale "graph" paper for math (squares big enough to write in for your child) - OR regular lined paper
  • (more binders/ duo-tangs/ portfolio book binders, or whatever binding supplies for binding any books printed instead of bought)
  • Printer Paper (probably lots!) for printing
  • Pencils, Pens, Pencil Crayons, glue, scissors, drawing pencils, watercolours, post-it's, and/or other misc supplies as needed.
  • Adhesive dividers to divide the journals

Note that generally, I recommend good quality, hard bound journals for the notebooks - to encourage using careful good techniques. These books may still have room in them for Year 2, as most of the child's work in the early years is oral. However, narration might be done with drawing at times, and the mother might write a sentence or two of the child's narration.

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