Monday, July 20, 2009


Just a few more thoughts on Geography...

For most of geography, we use a black-line outline map of the country or other area. This should be an outline map that includes the borders of state/provinces. Add in major features, and important cities. Let the student examine the map for a few days. Then you can give them a map with features missing, or the names gone (just a few at first), and let them add them back in. Continue this until they can do the whole thing.

Some of the rotations have living books that feature the country. This would include books like "Paddle to the Sea". We follow the journey or story on the map of the country. Also, if real places are featured in other books, we would find and label these on the appropriate maps - even if we are on a different geography area.

On a Canadian Note - we play "Stompin' Tom Conners" song about the provinces all the time for our kids. It goes through the provinces and capitals. "Does anyone know the capital of.... Alberta? - Edmonton!" Even our 3 year old yells out the answers!

Hope this helps.

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