Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Geography Overview

Geography is a Family Study topic. Older children will have more required of them than others. Children join the Rotation in Year 2.

Year 1 is an opportunity in basic map reading. Children should be given a map book of their city (or rural area), and shown how it works. they can have the map book in the car, and follow along with their fingers as you drive to places. (If you go on a trip, you can get inexpensive maps so they can follow on the map. My family did this on summer vacations where we traveled through various states and provinces - each child with a map!) You may be able to get maps free from the tourist association of places you will be visiting, or if you are part of an Auto club like CAA or AMA.

Another part of Year 1 is an overview of the 7 continents and the Oceans. This should be done with a Globe, as well as an atlas or world map. Children should be able to recognize their own country, as well as any with significance. (Like countries where grandparents live.)

If you own the Childcraft Set, the book "World and Space" has a chapter called "Where in the World?" that covers some basics on map reading.

Family Rotation
Any children that have not done Year 1 should do the Year 1 activities. All children should also have their own city map books to use in the car. (read Year 1...)

1st : Australia (and New Zealand), Antarctica
2nd : North America (including Canadian (or US) specific geography
3rd: South America
4th: Europe (incluing Russia)
5th: Asia
6th: Africa

Children should also look at maps, and mark places that occur in their reading...

As well Children should be able to do these age appropriate things:
  • about 8-10 - Use a compass, and be proficient at following a map, although not necessarily use them together. (by age 10 this should be a topigraphical map, including elevations)
  • about 11+ - Use compass and map together to find their way (including adjusting for declination, and without a GPS) - Orienteering is a fun sport to encourage this.
  • about 13+ - Sketch a map of an area accurately, and pretty much to scale.

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