Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Canadian History

See History Plan

Well, still working at getting Canadian resources together....

I think A Pioneer Story by Barbara Greenwood might be a good resource for year 1 or 2 - it is a fictional family, but is instructive on what live was like in parts of Canada in about 1840.

I have also found "Stories of the Maple Land" (Tales of the Early Days of Canada for Children) by Katherine Young (published 1898) - it seems to be from the viewpoint of a maple tree (at least at the beginning?) - probably also a year 1 or 2 resource....

Just a few thoughts on what I need to find yet.....

Something on the explorers, including Franklin
General Wolfe
The War of 1812 - hopefully find a good biography for Laura Secord
Alexander Graham Bell
1867 and the birth of Canada
The Famous 5 and the "Persons Act" - the 5 women that fought for women to be declared Persons
WWI heros
The Halifax Explosion
WWII heros
Banting and Best, and the discovery of Insulin
The Avro Arrow

Older students could watch the CBC History of Canada series - but not for younger students.

New Resource!!! - Canadian History through Literature list - I will be figuring out more through this resource.


As well as other little items to work with Canadian pride - something Canadians don't necessarily work towards.... - Stuff from "Canadian Minutes"

Also, want to make sure I cover Canadian Art..... one artist I tend to do more than once is Robert Bateman - who does amazing Natural Art.

Students will have a "Canadian" Notebook to note items of Canadian Pride


  1. Thanks for this list! I've bookmarked it to come back for reference.
    One idea for you (may be above Yr1/2 depending on your DKs - my DS loved it at the age of 6) is "Bully Boys", a novel about the War of 1812 from a fictional boy's perspective, who ends up travelling with (the real) Lt. James Fitzgibbon (Laura Secord's ordeal is part of it, although definitely not a main character - part of one chapter). Another is "Jeremy's War 1812" about General Brock but I would say it's more graphic when it comes to the war scenes (read it to DS at 7 1/2). Both are definitely Canadian and we got both from Donna Ward.

  2. Thanks!

    I'm for Year 1, I'm leaving it with Pioneer Story - but am definitely looking at the upcoming resources. I'm hoping to find a decent "spine" that I find interesting, and then add things around it depending on age. Those sound very interesting, and I'm sure my "soldier" loving son would love them!