Friday, June 19, 2009

Physical Education on a budget

I will admit that we are not the most sport-minded family in the world. It is very unlikely that we will be spending a lot of money and time putting our children into different sports. Yet, it is important for children to use their bodies, and to get proficient with them.

Our main resource for physical education, (other than just running around playing) is the YMCA. It is a very economical choice - a membership for the whole family is a small amount per month compared to what a gym membership costs for a single person at a lot of gyms. Our Y has exercise equipment for adults and teens, various classes, a swimming pool, babysitting (for when I want to work out or swim), and a lot of drop-in classes for the kids. For people whose funds are really tight, they can reduce your fees to what is possible for your family.

Our children have gone to drop-in gymnastics for pre-schoolers (not on a regular basis), and have taken swim lessons since they could walk. My oldest son may start drop-in tae kwan doe lessons this fall, if our schedule allows it.

Check out the Y in your neighbourhood if you don't already belong!


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