Sunday, June 28, 2009

Science Rotation

Years 1 to 6

Because we already own the World Book Childcraft series, we will be using this wonderful resource for Science in the early years. If you do not happen to own this series (which is WELL worth getting if you can find it) - I would recommend the Noeo Science series or Fulbright "Exploring Creation" series.

Nature Study is a major part of science at this stage. Note that there are other readings for Science and Nature in each year of study as well, which may not be "aligned" with the rotation. That is fine, the student will be able to handle it.

Rotation 1
  • World and Space
  • Find the Constellations - H. A. Rey AND/OR
  • * The Stars - H.A. Rey
H.A. Rey's constellation books draw the constellations differently than most astronomy books - and in a way that makes more sense. If you can find them, they are WELL worth it! Find the Constellations is great for the young student. The Stars is a great reference for mom or dad, works well for older students in the rotation, or is a nice addition if your student wants more after reading "Find the Constellations". I do recommend adding the Latin "true name" of each constellation into the pages of "Find the Constellations" (they are in the index)

Rotation 2
  • Green Kingdom
Rotation 3
  • About Animals
  • Feathered Friends
Rotation 4
  • About Me [anatomy]
Rotation 5
  • How Things Work [physics and mechanics]
  • Scientists and Inventors [from an older set]
In year 6, the student continues the rotation, doing the same rotation they did in year 1. They will understand the material much better.

Years 7-12

to be determined.

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