Friday, June 12, 2009


The Wikipedia article about Charlotte Mason says:
In April 1905, she added Aids to Scouting by Robert Baden-Powell to the syllabus of the Parents' Union School. Later, Baden-Powell credited a governess trained by Mason, coupled with the reputation of Mason herself, for suggesting the educational possibilities of scouting. This, amongst other influences, lead to Scouting for Boys and the formation of the Scouting movement.

As a person who has been a Scout Leader or a Guide Leader for over 15 years, I have seen the advantages in the principles of Scouting in the life of young people. Scouting should be a part of every Charlotte Mason based homeschool.

In Canada, there are a few options available. Assuming you are English Speaking, the options that I am aware of are:
Quebec, and a few other provinces have a French based Scouting program as well, whose name escapes me.

Because I feel that the BPSA does a better job of promoting the original traditional ideals of Scouting, my students will be involved in it as "Lone" members. Because my church uses Scouts Canada as a main portion of their youth program for boys, my sons will also belong to Scouts Canada.

Recommendations for badges to work on in each year will be given - however students should be motivated to work on badges themselves.

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