Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Drawing Instruction

In an earlier post, I had recommended doing drawing instruction without any formal curriculum, but by practicing observing and drawing what you see.

I have to admit that I am getting nervous about doing that myself however, so I am looking at some more resources.

I have not yet made a selection, but I am looking into the following resources....

Drawing With Children - Mona Brookes
Teaching Children to Draw - Barbara Ward
Draw Write Now - ?

Illustrating Nature - Irene Brady (for about year 4+?)

I would really appreciate any opinions on these resources, or other resources that are suitable to teach drawing - especially of nature. I would prefer resources that use observation as its main focus. Thanks!


  1. I have Drawing with Children and use it occasionally, but don't find it particularly inspiring.

    Haven't seen the others!

    Hope this helps a tiny bit.

    Hey Heather, don't forget to join my followers so that I know what you're up to - I keep forgetting to check otherwise! (If you want to, of course!)

  2. Thanks Jeanne, the bit of review helps. I've heard a bit of mix about that one. Do you do anything in particular for Drawing instruction?

    I sort of wish we lived near my Aunt, who is in Saskatchewan. She used to be an art teacher and was a fairly known artist in Sask. She is retired now (I think she is in her 80's) - but if we lived nearby I would think she would love to teach them drawing in exchange for the regular visit.