Sunday, August 16, 2009

Crunch Time

Time is ticking away!

If you've wondered why you haven't heard from me too much recently, it is that I have so much to get done before school starts!

I had planned to start school on Aug 31st... but now I'm thinking September 7th will be the start date - (hm - or be wierd and start on the 2nd or something?) - or the 8th because the 7th is a holiday here?

Why the change? Well, I still don't have the "schoolroom" setup! We have a big loft upstairs, that right now is storage. (very, very unorganized storage) - that I have figured out will be a great schoolroom. Ok - I know.... Mike suggested it a long time ago. But I hadn't figured out how to make the stairway safe for Foxtrot, so it was a no-way. Well, I had the sudden realization that there is a little room up there - that I could set up as a safe playroom for her and put a baby-gate on the doorway. We could school right nearby!

Yes, I could start school in the main room and move upstairs once I had it organized.... but I figure I will be WAY too busy for that!

(Oh, and I do think I like the look of the Workboxes - which someone else calls in her school "Discovery Boxes") - and there is no room on the main floor for any system like that at all...

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