Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Weekend

Just wanted to say that we have had a great weekend.

First, Delta, along with other suzuki classmates, was asked to play before the Symphony this weekend. Basically, they played violin music in the lobby area as people came in. They had quite the audience - and they all did very well. We got 2 tickets for the symphony, and Delta loved it. He now wants to be a conductor when he is an adult.

I also got a package from Book Samaritan! They didn't send a lot (I don't think they get a lot of living books), but I did get a couple of books that will be great as they are on the Year 2 list (that I haven't finalized yet) - and I did get one of the Exploring Creation books too.

Oh, and Delta learned "May Song" on the violin in about 3 days. He learned a couple of parts of it from his teacher on Friday (with permission to finish it if he wanted) - and today he played it all the way through. (not at speed yet - but with no errors at a practice speed.) I'm impressed!

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