Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Narration Example

Well, we are in week 5 of Year 1 with Delta - and I thought I would share his latest narration. Keep in mind that he was my reluctant narrator that would always say "I can't remember". I had him draw a picture first - mainly because I had to check on Foxtrot right then. He then narrated while I wrote (I had to tell him to pause now and then because I couldn't keep up!) - and he more than filled the page...

How the Camel got his hump.

At the beginning of the world there was a camel named Bubbles. He didn't do any work and the dog came by and said "Will you fetch" and he said "Humph" and the horse came by and said "Will you carry stuff" then he said "Humph" again. Then an ox came by and he said "can you plow" and he said "Humph" and all of them said "the camel won't do anything and just says humph". and he said he has to work again. And the man came by and said "Bubbles, you have to work" then he magically made his hump there. When Bubbles saw his back he saw his hump.

(Delta noted afterwards that he got it backwards - the horse came first, then the dog, then the ox.)

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