Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Devotions for the coming year

So far this school year, I have jumped around a bit in our devotions, trying to find the best fit for our family at this time and stage in our life.  I have found (with a fair bit of searching) a great resource that I think will work well, and am looking forward to starting it.

Michelle Duker, many years ago, created a study plan for children based on the Gospel Principles manual that is used for new members of the church.  This plan includes - a scripture to memorize (generally over 2 weeks) parts of the lesson to read each day, a scripture each day, and songs from the Children's Songbook to sing.  The plans for Fridays generally have other materials that reinforce the lesson from resources like The Friend or the Scripture Stories books.  For most lessons there is a picture from the Gospel Art Picture Kit to display.

However, recently the Gospel Principles Handbook was updated, and the Gospel Art Picture Kit is no longer sold (although it is available online).  I knew that I would need to do a little work to update the plans.

As it turns out, Michelle is a member of an online homeschooling forum to which I belong, and has graciously agreed that I could post my updated lesson plans online in the hopes it might benefit others.

I am debating posting lessons as I update them, or doing all the updates, and then posting a final plan.  Do my readers have a preference?

And for those that would like to see the original plans, or who would rather use the older version of the manual, here is the original: http://www.schoolofabraham.com/gospelprinciples.htm

Intro, and Lessons 1-10
Lessons 11-20
Lessons 21-30
Lessons 31-40
Lessons 41-47


  1. This is so awesome!! I think this sounds like what I want to do with my kids next term, so if you decide to post your lesson plans along the way, that would be great! Thanks (in advance)! :)

  2. Okay, glad to help someone out!

    I will post them 10 lessons at a time, as a rough draft as I work on them. If they need much cleaning up at the end, I'll delete those posts and put up a final one, or if they are good I may just leave them as a "series"....

    I've been busy working on them, so I already have a post to put up.