Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review

Ok, I'll admit it.... I'm a copy cat.  I have seen a few blogs doing a year in review post, and I thought it was a good ideas - so here we go.

This time last year, Delta was 7, Echo was almost 5, Foxtrot was 2 and a half, and Golf was only 6 months old.   Also grandkids: Zulu was 7 and a half, and Yankee was 1 and a half.   We were doing a mostly AO program with some modifications from Milestones Academy, Simply Charlotte Mason, and my own Canadian additions.

Now they are all a year older (ok, duh...).  Delta has been baptized and is in Cubs.  Echo has joined Beavers.  Foxtrot is learning to read with "Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons" and doing a bit of math with RightStart Level A.  And Golf just started walking a couple of days before Christmas, is saying some words, signs more,  and is continually asking me to put on "Baby Signing Time".

Here are the Top 5 posts for the year (based on the stats)

Canadian History Plan - Updated!
History - Familiy Rotation
Help - History Year 1
This Country Of Ours
Canadian Literature

hm - makes me think people are looking at the curriculum posts the most!

The Top 2 Pages are

The top Referring URL's (since Maple Hill Academy opened) have been:
See Jamie Blog
Latter-Day Homeschooling
Satori Smiles
Actually, I think Simply Charlotte Mason would rate higher, but it looks like theirs is broken down based on the forum topics that referred to here.

And looking at the year....


We tried the Accountable Kids program in Helpful Changes


I updated the History Plan for Canadian History


We visited the Fire Station!


This was a busy month on the blog!

Delta's Animation

Changed our entire homeschool plan from mostly AO to our own plan

I modified the Scripture Memory Box idea to work better for our family


Info on combining the family for various subjects


Foxtrot turned 3!


I started looking at changing our Math to RightStart


I dreamed about a bunk room!


Delta started Cubs and learned to sew on buttons and badges.


Delta turned 8 and got Baptized, and we started a different Handwriting program


I showed off the maps that Delta and Echo drew.


We added in ASL to our school, and started work on a new plan for Devotions

There were a LOT of changes this year, and I'm looking forward to next year!

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