Friday, April 1, 2011


A Frame from a later animation - a Band playing...
Delta (and Echo and Foxtrot) has (have) been introduced to the concept of stop-motion animation! By using my old digital camera, and Windows Live Movie Maker, using a lot of patience, he has been busy making animated movies. He has even drawn some story-board drawings for some of them ahead of time.

It is great that this method of animation takes a lot less work than animation used to. I helped getting the music to fit. I think it is wonderful work for a 7 year old!

Here is the second movie he made totally on his own.

It has been nice that he has had time during our term break to do things like this.

Echo and Foxtrot would like their movies up here too. Delta did the photography for this movie of Echo's, although she has done her own photography for a couple more. "Dad" did the photography for Foxtrot's movie, and it is a little more "abstract", as it was done by a 2yo.

This one is Echo's

And here is Foxtrot's

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  1. I love it! Brings back happy memories.