Thursday, April 28, 2011

Scripture Memory System

We have been using the Scripture Memory System at Simply Charlotte Mason for quite a while, and it has worked well. However, I have recently made a couple of adjustments that work for us that I'd like to share.

With the original, you have new scriptures (or whatever) that you read daily... once they are known, you read them every other day (Odd/Even) and then as you learn more, they get moved to tabs behind Monday/Tuesday/etc.... then eventually to tabs 1-31.... so as you know the scripture more and more, you practice it less often... each day you are reviewing a few scriptures.

The problem we have, is that we aren't totally consistent. Sometimes we miss doing it a day. And there are some days we are more likely to miss (like Friday, which tends to be our "wild" day.) So then, the same scriptures are being missed in the review. I also found when we finished a new scripture, I couldn't ever remember which Odd/Even to change, and which one to change from the weekday tabs, etc.

So, I've made a simple change, which also means we use a lot less tabs! We have a tab labeled "New" (or Daily), one named "Alternate", one labeled "weekly", and one labeled "monthly".

So, behind New, we have our new scripture, which we read daily together. Behind "Alternate", we have 2 scriptures. We read 1, and rotate it behind the other one. Behind "Weekly" we have 7 scriptures. We read 1, and rotate it behind the others. Behind "Monthly" we would have 30 (we aren't there yet!) - and again, rotate through them. Eventually, I'd just increase the number of scriptures we read each day from behind the "Monthly" tab.

As for knowing which one to move to the next section when we learn a new scripture... I've just added numbers to our scripture cards.... so I just need to move the lowest numbered card to the next section.

Oh, and we do use this system for other things we want to memorize. We have put in things like Scouting Promises etc. While learning these types of things, they are added to the scripture ones... so we are always working on a new scripture, but may also have something else we are reading daily.

Hope this helps someone!

Oh, and just to add in - we are doing something similar with our review songs in violin... I used to have a chart - "practice these songs on this day, etc" - but risked missing the same songs over and over. Now our chart is a 6 day chart.... (6 days of practice, 1 of indiv. lessons). Now if we miss a day of practice, the next day we do the practice "day" we missed. So if on Tuesday we did Day 2 practice, then don't practice on Wednesday... on Thursday we would do Day 3 practice. The next week we just start on whatever day we are on.


  1. Thanks for the comment!

    It is working great for us, and is an easier setup!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this, it seems like a great way to simplify the system a little bit! We miss days occasionally too and I wasn't sure what to do about it.

  3. I'm glad it will help. It took me months to figure out how to change it, and then it seemed like such a simple change.