Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Everything Changing

I had everything all settled on how I was going to proceed for the next couple of years... then something changed, and now my plans are changing.

As I had contemplated the need for change, I realized that this was going to work out, and now I'm almost excited over it, as I can see how this is going to work out well for my family.

We are going to move more towards family topics, similar to Simply Charlotte Mason's style of doing a Charlotte Mason education. Very specifically, History is moving to a family rotation, but also some of the literature will be family reads as well. Some subjects will be done in groupings of students... what Charlotte would call Forms. Students will have individual work based on their Form and also personal ability.

Although I know doing things together as a family can cause some issues at times, I think it can also help the family grow together.

I will be using the book "Planning your CM Education" from the Simply Charlotte Mason website while I develop the plan... some subjects, like literature, will have a lot less planning and definitely less scheduling.

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