Monday, February 25, 2013

Six Star Award

Delta Receives his 6 Star Award.
I am one proud mom right now!   This Saturday, the day after Baden-Powell's Birthday, Delta was presented with his "Six Star Award" in Cubs.  This is a great achievement, especially when you consider that he has only been in cubs for a year and a half.

So, what is the "Six Star Award"?  Well, first you need to know a bit about Canadian Scouting.  In Cubs, which is for youth ages 8-10, there are 3 types of badges they can earn.  The first is interest badges - which cubs pick out of what they are interested in.  Delta has earned many of these.   Then there are the Stars, and then there are Awards.  The Stars are generally worked on during Cub meetings, but can also be worked on by themselves.  Awards are for Cubs that wish to do more after earning a Star.  They are generally considered "extra".  Delta haw one so far, and has set his sights in the rest.   

So, there are 6 stars:  Black for doing activities in Nature;  Green for activities Outside (hiking, camping, cub skills);  Tawny for Creative activities;  Red for Physical Fitness and Health;  Blue for citizenship in the home and community;  Purple for citizenship in Canada.   By earning all the stars, a cub is learning skills in a variety   of areas that help them be well rounded.  I don't know what the statistics are, but although it isn't rare, I don't think many cubs do earn all 6 stars.  More in some groups, and less in others.    Delta is also the first cub to earn all six since his cub pack re-opened 3 years ago.

Just to make his day even better - it was the big Kub Kar Rally.  (Ok, I don't know who decided  years ago that Kub Kar should be spelt with K's...)    Delta spent a lot of time deciding how he wanted his car to look.  He made a great diagram on our white board - including where to cut - and that a portion cut off was to be added to the back to make it look like a rocket.   I wish I took a picture!   Delta made the car with his dad, and painted it on his own.

It was a bit disheartening to see his car race - it came in last or 2nd last in almost every race.  It came time for the results.....  and Delta won first for "Best Designed Car"!   So it worked out well, and he was so pleased.

Delta won the Best Kub Kar design