Friday, March 15, 2013

Yet another week has gone.

It seems like sometimes, there just doesn't seem to be much to write about.  I haven't had any new revelations or thoughts on homeschooling methods.  Nothing overly significant has happened this week.  Just ordinary life.  So here is a snapshot of the week.

Delta - Ok, I guess a bit has been happening here.  Delta finished his Term 2 early.  I think he did ok on his term exam, although there was a few "I don't remembers".   I have started showing him how to set goals in regards to school, and changed his planner a bit to make it easier to go with a goal-oriented method.  (He will be starting to use it next week.)  I have to admit that when I looked at the number of "subjects" or areas to set goals, it is quite a lot.  And AO readings are counted as one subject (not History, Literature, Science, etc...) - I wonder if I've added too much, even though I haven't really ADDED anything....

Echo - She has just finished up Term 2 yesterday, and will do her exam next week.  Right now, she is testing limits, and at times has little tantrums.  I seem to do ok at handling tantrums with little kids - but I admit that I'm not handling these well - I mostly send her to sit on her bed until she is in a better mood (sending her back if she comes out obviously still angry) - but she tends to bounce on her bed screaming at me.   I wonder if there is some food sensitivity or something causing problems.... but feel absolutely hopeless on changing how the family eats....  I don't know how people do it!

Foxtrot - Foxtrot is reading quite well, and is almost finished her RightStart Level A!  I'd like to put her into Level B, but don't have the worksheets..... so I may have to do lessons from "Activities for the Al Abacus" for a while, or just play lots of the card games (no harm in that either...)

Golf - Well, I have to say that Golf is quite potty trained!  YEAY!   She still has the occasional accident, but not very often (I'd say less than one a week...).   I still put her in a pull-up if we are going on a long car ride or something - but they stay dry generally.  She does wear a pull-up or diaper to bed - but even sometimes those are still dry too!

Mom - Well, my goal to practice the violin everyday has not happened at ALL this week.  I have been busy organizing stuff for the next term - and honestly after school is done, I am generally wiped out.  Needless to say that the kids haven't done any music either.  I don't know how other parents go to work all day, come home and make their kids do homework, practice, and go to activities too....   Maybe it takes less energy - I don't know.  Or maybe most moms are enough younger....


  1. Yay for getting some exams out of the way!

    On the food changes, honestly, the only ones we've ever stuck with either A)are life-threatening so we must, like Joseph's egg allergy or B) make such a huge difference in our home/child's attitude that it is worth the effort (like Emma stopping tantrums when we remove artificial food dye). Only when the effort is worth the result will you stick with something as far-reaching as diet changes. ((HUGS))

    And just so you know, the change for the food dye seemed so overwhelming at first, but after the first month without total meltdowns it became worth it. She's happier, we're happier, and the home feels different because we're not walking on eggshells trying not to set her off.

    For Foxtrot maybe games for a while will be a welcome change? Never hurts to try.

    Yay for potty training Golf!!! I need to work with Caleb sometime before this baby comes in July, but I'm probably going to wait until June. He won't even be quite 2.5 then and I find it's easiest if they're close to 3.

    PS> I added the questions you left on my blog to my list! I'll be answering them in the next week hopefully! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks for the comments!

      Yes, I'm sure if that is what is causing the meltdowns, it would be worth it It just feels impossible right now...

      Foxtrot would probably love review with games for quite a while... She is only doing math because she ASKS for it, and certainly never had any problems with Level A concepts.

      I didn't originally plan to potty train Golf.... (I never do it in winter here, as an accident causes so much more problems (Nothing like a soaking snowsuit!) But we were out of diapers one day, so I put her in training pants and got out the potty - and she was hooked. We had a few days near the beginning which were horrible because she didn't want to pee ANYWHERE (not on potty, not on toilet, not in a diaper...) And she would hold it, and be running on the spot crying - but then she got over it. She is my youngest to train (although I started 2 of them younger, the 3rd was older when I started...) - and other than those couple of bad days, has been the easiest. (Ok, also easiest because I can send older kids with her to help... lol)

      Looking forward to your answers!