Friday, November 15, 2013

Working for us Thursday - or is it Friday? Week in Review Too!

Ok - I'm late.  It has been a busy week, and I just am getting around to this entry.

So - what has been working for us?  Well, for quite a while, what has been working for us is CUBS and BEAVERS!

For those that might be confused - I'm not talking about animals.... I'm talking about Scouting.  And yes, in Canada - Scouting is Co-Ed!  This has worked out well, as Cubs and Beavers for our group meet at the same time, at the same place - so Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot are all at meetings at the same time.  Golf "hangs out" with Mike - we say she is in "Wanna-Bee's" because she "wants to be" a Beaver.  The more used term for this stage is being a "Bit" - a "Beaver in Training"....   And I'm not sure if I've mentioned it - but I'm a Cub leader (again!) with the group now too.

Back Row - Snowbird Technician;
Middle Row - Echo, Delta;
Front Row - Foxtrot, Golf
Delta is in his last year of Cubs.  He has earned so many badges, his arms are getting full.  I think the count is at about 42 - including Stars and Awards.  He only has a few Awards left to earn - and a few more badges on top of that.  He has also attended a Scout Activity and a Scout Camp, and will be invited to a few more Scout activities as the year goes on.  I suspect he will "Leap" up to Scouts in about April.

Echo is in her first year of Cubs, having completed 2 years of Beavers.  She is also enjoying the program, and has already earned 10 badges and 1 star.  She keeps eyeing Delta's badge chart as well as her own, deciding on what to work on next.

Foxtrot is in her first year of Beavers - being thrilled to no longer by a "Wanna-Bee".  She is enjoying fun activities, including making a Terrarium yesterday.

Me as a parent (in the red leader uniform) putting the neckerchief on Foxtrot at her Investiture as a Beaver

I suspect that Scouting will generally work for us - but will say up-front that it depends so much on the group.  Our first group was a big disappointment for us, and we had to switch the group.  But in a city there are usually a choice of groups.   If there isn't something that will work - there is also the possibility of doing things as a Lone.  It takes more motivation, but is definitely possible.

Just a few more points in the week -

  • Monday we went to the Remembrance Day Ceremonies. 
  • Tuesday was a regular school day - with the bonus of having the car.... so we used some audiobooks.  We didn't go anywhere too interesting though.
  • Wednesday - Mike wasn't feeling well so he worked from home.  We didn't do regular school - but we went swimming in the afternoon to allow a quiet house for Mike.
  • Thursday - Another regular schoolday - and of course, Cubs and Beavers!
  • Friday - Echo and Delta are off to cub camp this evening.   We had our regular Friday - which I'll save for another blog.


  1. So neat that it is co-ed up north! I think my girls would love it... Joseph does and his brothers are counting down until they are old enough. :)

  2. Yes, it is great that it is co-ed so they can be doing the same things. When I was a kid my brother always seemed to be doing interesting things with cubs - and my brownies were ok but not quite as interesting....