Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Canadian Money Saving Tip

I thought I'd share a little money saving tip that many Canadians don't know about.

It is called the Canadian Scanner Price Volunteer Code.  I do believe it is voluntary for companies - but almost all the stores I shop at follow the code.  (The company does this on a national basis, not just each store.)

So what is this Code?   Basically - it is that if a product is scanned, and the price that comes up doesn't match the price on the price tag / store shelf price... you get the first one FREE!  Well, Free if it is less than $10 - or you get $10 off if it is more than $10.  If you were buying more than one, the rest are the correct price.   There is one little hitch - (I'm not sure if this is written in the code) - you have to tell the cashier.  (Occasionally you need to get them to call a manager - I have had cashiers that have never heard about it.)

So - for example - if you are buying an item that is $6.95 according to the shelf - but it scans at $6.97 - don't just shrug and say to yourself  "I won't worry about a couple of cents" - because if you bring it up, and say you are now supposed to get it free - you will get it free!  There is almost $7 savings!

Ok - it isn't a savings you can count on - but it is surprising (or maybe it isn't?) how often you find things that scan wrong if you either watch as it scans, or check the receipt right away.   Over the few years I've known about it, I'm sure I've saved at least $100!

Some examples I can think of.....
- A bag of Pears was supposed to be about $6 but scanned in around $8 - that was $6 saved (or $8 if we hadn't checked!)

- A block of cheese (about $9)

- A shirt ($10 off - it was supposed to be $14 and came up as $16)

- Lego ($7 small little kit)

- many, many items of food at around $1-$5 each.

Usually there is a posting somewhere near the cash register about the Scanning Code of Practice - (the picture above).  I think they need to have it, but I can't say I've always spotted it.   It can be handy to spot them in case you are talking to a cashier that is unaware of it.

Note that most of the stores will immediately fix the shelf price if you report a mis-scanned price.  I think they are supposed to.  I have had it once when I KNEW the price on the shelf was one amount, and the product scanned at another price - but the sale tag was gone as I went through the cash register.  Someone else had reported it just before me (verified by having them check the book they have to fill in.....) so they still gave me the one free.  That is pretty rare though.

So - which stores.

Well, I think pretty much every grocery store follows this code.  (All the ones I shop at have.)
Shoppers Drug Mart
Canadian Tire
Toys - R - Us
Home Depot

And I'm sure MANY more.

So - next time that price doesn't seem to match what the shelf or tags say..... don't shrug it off.  And don't just take the accepted price.  Get $10 off or the item free (as appropriate) - it is worth it.

That said - there has been the occasional time, when the item was only about $1 or so when I haven't bothered..... there has been the occasional time when the lineup is just too long behind me for me to make everyone "suffer" for me to save that loonie.  I haven't done that often - but occasionally....

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