Monday, December 2, 2013

Timeline Binder Pictures

I have had a number of people ask me about the timeline pictures I have created.   If you are doing Ambleside Online, or a similar program, you may find mine useful.  But I feel it is best if you can create the ones your own student would like.

So, here is my process.

I use Avery Design Pro software to easily make all my timeline pictures the same size.  It is free, and I think they have it for various types of computer.

When I open it the first time, I chose to design the project from scratch.

Then I selected template 5214, as it makes a nice sized picture. (Each timeline picture is on a label.)

Then I use the buttons on the Left to add my text and images.  I find the information and pictures usually by doing a google search...  Leave the MASTER label blank, unless there is information you want on EVERY picture.

I often copy one label to another to make new timeline pictures.  This helps them be consistent.  I also rename the tab for the label (right click) and organize them in the order I will likely need them next year.  For an AO Year, I have them organized by week.  For Artists/Composers/Authors, I organize them alphabetically.  For other things my kids ask for, I organize them chronologically.  It works for me - but do whatever works for you.  (I also have things in separate files, as our original single file got too large to work with easily.)

For printing, I often need to note down the tab numbers of the specific pictures I wish to print.   Of course, sometimes I just one the current one.  Double check that you are not printing an entire sheet of the same label - and I usually do a Print Preview before doing the actual printing.

Finally, we print on regular paper and cut them out.  If you were doing a whole year ahead, you could actually buy the Avery Labels... but as I'm only printing out a handful at a time (and often from more than one file), that would be a large waste.  The scrap paper is used for protecting our timeline binders while gluing, or for colouring/drawing.

If I get people interested in my actual design-pro files (instead of the pdf's I've made available) let me know and I can look at adding it to the link above.  Otherwise - I hope that some people take the plunge to making their own!

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