Saturday, February 26, 2011

Year 1 Booklist - Revision 3

This is the revised Year 1 booklist for Maple Hill Academy. It is recommended for a child at or close to age 7, or older children just starting a Charlotte Mason style of education (up to about age 9 or 10)

The older booklists are still available.

This booklist is based on the Ambleside Online program, and the Milestones Academy program, with adjustments.

Follow the Ambleside Online Year 1 with the following changes:

Penny Gardner Storied Scriptures
Scripture Memorizations (your choice)
Reading from Church Magazines
Singing Primary Song (Select 1 per month. Can also sing in Foreign Language or ASL)

We do not do Trial and Triumph - your choice
Skip all the Americn History Biography books
Add in Family History (Genealogy) - Learn about Mom and Dad

Canadian History:
See Canadian History Plan

Natural History/Science:
(Add in "Wild Days" - Karen Radcliffe as a reference for parent)
(Add in "Pocket Full of Pinecones" - Karen Andreola as a reference/inspiration for parent)
Add in (for reading practice as well as science) Christian Nature Reader Book 1 WHEN child is ready to read it.

Phonics: (Reading Instruction)
See Maple Hill posts on teaching reading
(Christian Nature Reader Book 1 WHEN child is ready to read it - for science as well as reading practice)

We strongly recommend the Mathmatics Enhancement Programme
Another free choice is Khan Academy which is nice for a little change, but can also be a stand-alone online program.

Foreign Language:
We are doing German, but do what makes sense for you. There are free lessons here for Spanish, French, and German. Also recommend getting a few fairy-tales with Audio CD to read over and over.
My Very First Little German Book

Remove the 3rd term poetry options. (to make room for Dennis Lee)
Add Dennis Lee (Canadian Poet) - do in first term - move other poets back 1 term

Peterson Directed Handwriting (Cursive Step 2) Note that Cursive Step 1 can be helpful to have for finger-tracing practice.
Selected copywork from readings/scriptures/etc.

Remove "The Blue Fairy Book" - stories just seemed long and uninteresting.
Add "Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know" - edited by Hamilton Wright Mabie (Selections below)

  • Beauty & the Beast
  • Hansel & Grethle
  • One eye, Two eyes, Three eyes
  • Cinderella
  • The Magic Mirror
  • Alladin
  • Fair One with the Golden Locks
  • Jack & the Beanstock
  • Sleeping Beauty

Canadian Literature:

see Canadian Literature Plan

Free Reading:
Remove "The Red Fairy Book"
Remove "Pocahontas"
Add "Follow My Leader" by James Garfield

Draw Write Now 4-8 (or 1-4 if you haven't done them)
1-2-3 Draw books by Freddie Levin - pick 3 or 4,
Drawing with Children
Basic Observation Drawing - some resources

Picture Study:
some info
Family Rotation

Music(read how-to) [note this How-to is on Milestones Academy]

Recommended - Violin, Piano OR Recorder (inexpensive) OR other similar instruments
Do NOT start more than one instrument at once! We have been doing Suzuki Violin for three or four years before getting to year 1!

- Suzuki Violin [we do this with an instructor ] Recommended Resource "Step-by-Step" series by Kerstin Wartberg

- Suzuki Piano [we do this without an instructor] Recommended Resource "Studying Suzuki Piano: More than Music" by Bigler and Lloyd-Watts
another option is My First Piano Adventures - Information and Video Lesson Guide here!

option for a very inexpensive music alternative, or for the parent that is too uncomfortable trying to teach something else on their own...
Nine-Note Recorder method [note, we haven't tried this yet]

Similar instruction in another instrument. (ie, Suzuki Cello)

Scouting Plan for their age

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