Sunday, February 27, 2011

Year 2 Booklist - updated

This is the revised Year 2 booklist for Maple Hill Academy.

This booklist is based on the Ambleside Online program, and the Milestones Academy program, with adjustments.

Follow the Ambleside Online Year 2 with the following changes:

Penny Gardner Storied Scriptures

Scripture Memorizations (your choice)
Reading from Church Magazines
Singing Primary Song (Select 1 per month. Can also sing in Foreign Language or ASL)

Remove This Country of Ours
Add in Family History (Genealogy) - Learn about Grandparents

History Tales and/or Biography:
We do not do Trial and Triumph - your choice

Canadian History:
See Canadian History Plan

no changes

Natural History/Science:
(Add in "Wild Days" - Karen Radcliffe as a reference for parent)
(Add in "Pocket Full of Pinecones" - Karen Andreola as a reference/inspiration for parent)
Add in (for reading practice as well as science) Christian Nature Reader Book 2 (or appropriate level) WHEN child is ready to read it.

Phonics: (Reading Instruction)
See Maple Hill posts on teaching reading
(Christian Nature Reader Book 2 (or appropriate level) WHEN child is ready to read it - for science as well as reading practice)

We strongly recommend the Mathmatics Enhancement Programme
Another free choice is Khan Academy which is nice for a little change, but can also be a stand-alone online program.

Foreign Language: (We are doing German, but it is your choice)

(See Year 1 if just starting)

Find 3 German story books with Audio CD's (1 per term)
Do copywork from the German books
Translate small passages into English orally
Find more German songs

Optional: Practice Primary song of the month in German
Optional: Primsleur German

no change.

Peterson Directed Handwriting (Cursive Step 3) (if moving from print, might want to start with Step 2 instead, but can start with Step 3 - it will move faster) If you have already done Step 2, still do Step 3 - it teaches a more adult proportion to the letters)

Selected copywork from readings/scriptures/etc.

no changes

Canadian Literature:
See Canadian Literature Plan

Free Reading:
Remove "Abraham Lincoln"
Remove "Brighty of the Grand Canyon" (to make room for Canadian Literature)
Add "Levi's Life" - Kathryn Louis

Basic Observation Drawing - some resources

Picture Study:
some info
Family Rotation

Music(read how-to) [note this How-to is on Milestones Academy]

Recommended - Violin, Piano OR Recorder (inexpensive) OR other similar instruments

Do NOT start more than one instrument at once! Wait until a student is very comfortable with 1 instrument before starting another.

- Suzuki Violin [we do this with an instructor ] - Recommended Resource "Step-by-Step" series by Kerstin Wartberg

- Suzuki Piano [we do this without an instructor] Recommended Resource "Studying Suzuki Piano: More than Music" by Bigler and Lloyd-Watts
- another option is Piano Adventures - Information and Video Lesson Guide here!

Recorder option for a very inexpensive music alternative, or for the parent that is too uncomfortable trying to teach something else on their own...

Nine-Note Recorder method (there is a "Beyond Nine-Note" book too, if you get to this point.) [note, we haven't tried this yet]

Similar instruction in another instrument. (ie, Suzuki Cello)

Scouting Plan for their age

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