Friday, April 9, 2010

Workboxes - Updated

[Note, this picture is NOT our workbox.... I'm not sure whose it is..]

So, before we started school in September, I setup Homeschool Workboxes for us. It was a slight modification to the system, but for the most part, it was working ok.

However, it took up a LOT of my needed shelf-space, and for other reasons, we aren't able to use the homeschool room for a number of months, so I needed something a lot more portable.

So, having seen other people's variations, I tried out a different variation for the family..... portable file boxes. I got Delta (and after a while Echo) a portable filebox, with hanging file folders. The fileboxes have handles on them, so they can be moved easily.

Now, I put each "workbox" item into a file folder, and put them all in the box in the order we are going to do it. I added the schedule grids onto the outside of the box, and put file numbers and activity cards on that for them to remove. (Note, I've noticed they often didn't remove them, so for about a week I haven't bothered putting the numbers on - no complaints.... hm....) Their name is on the front of the box. They each have a pencil case on the inside of the box with their pencils and other items. Unfortunately, things don't fit into a file folder a little more often than they wouldn't fit into a box - so they get more notes of things to do..... but it still isn't that often.

The one thing that doesn't really fit is some of the math manipulatives.... I am using one of the old workboxes to hold those. Although I can usually tuck them into the filebox when needed.

I actually think I like this system better.... we have been using it for about 3 months now. Shortly after starting this system, I had to take the car in unexpectedly to get looked at. I had them grab their boxes, and we did homeschool with no problem in the waiting area. This stopped them from getting bored - and it took me no time to get stuff together, as it was already in a portable container. On a day that we probably would have missed out on school.... Homeschool was saved! The other thing I like is that we are now doing most of our homeschool on our couch.... much more comfortable.


  1. I just "rediscovered" one of these portable file folder boxes way in the back under my desk...and it is EMPTY. I figured that I was going to use the box for a workbox system. We were using an expanding file folder which is just about dead now. I thought the file folder worked ok. It was limiting. I'm hoping the box works better and I'm happy to hear of your success.

    I'm really looking forward to hearing Sue Patrick's workshop at The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Expo. I know I can better utilize the workbox system, even in our only-one-preteen-homeschool.

  2. I can't say the fileboxes are perfect - but it is working pretty well. If you have a few "Holding stations" for the odd bigger thing, then you can put a "pickup at station" card in the filebox...

    Enjoy the workshop... I'll envy you a bit.