Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Foreign Language Resource

Ok, it took me a few days to realize who I need to thank for this resource. You see, I was reading my emails, message boards, and blogs that I frequent - and at some point clicked on a link to open in another tab to look at. It was a link for a free French program. I figured that again I'd be out of luck.... because we want to do German. Once I was done, I found the open site, and had a look, and I'm jumping for joy!

So, I have to say thanks Jeanne on http://ohpeacefulday.blogspot.com/ - because I finally found where I got the link!

Anyway, what is this great resource!

"First Steps auf Deutsch". It exists for French and for Spanish too. This is a video program that was designed for a school system to teach Foreign Language to young elementary students where the school might not have a teacher that knows the language. Hey, sounds a lot like me!!!

The video lessons are short - about 15 minutes. There are 10 of them for the first level, and there are 3 levels. For schools that don't have a teacher that knows the language, for the first level at least, there is an "Again" video (ie, First Steps auf Deutsch Again) to watch on another day. Apparently there are audiotapes available somewhere, but darned if I know where, and you would probably have to buy them.... it would have some practice and the songs on it...) There is a teacher's guide (read it!) with suggested activities

So, Delta and Echo have watched the first video (well, Echo only watched some) and they are going around saying "Guten Tag" and "Danke", etc. Delta loved it! I don't think he was as keen on the "Again" video (we watched a couple of minutes) but it is probalby worth while doing.

The videos (at least the German one) are setup with a couple of families meeting a new neighbour from Germany. The kids are interested in learning German, so arrangements are made for 3 to visit the new neighbour for lessons. The lessons are done in an immersion format, with it almost all in German - but it is easy to follow what is going on. Near the end, there are a couple of songs (at least in the first video), and a bit of review of a few main words - and we see some school kids practicing the words in context...

With the short lesson, and the emphasis on learning verbally instead of written, I think it would fit well with CM.

Definately more interesting than anything we have tried so far. It is FREE, and it is designed for kids that are young... yet useful for older kids too.



  1. It's a pleasure! Hope you find the programme as useful as we have!!


  2. My son is clammoring to see more, so I'd say it is working well... :)

    Sorry I spelled your name wrong - will fix that now!