Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Question for you!

I was wondering if people wanted me to change the schedules for Year 1 for the new changes, and make schedules for Year 2 and the 2nd Rotations?

I know that schedules can be helpful, but I have to admit that I am not keeping to a schedule like I did at the start.... I found that I was "behind" in some areas, "ahead" in a few, and that it just made things more difficult.

I have been using the Organizer at Simply Charlotte Mason, and just review where we are about every 6 weeks to decide if I need to do some subjects more often, or make other changes.

However, making a schedule wouldn't be a big deal either, if it would help someone.

If I don't make up the schedules, I would setup some notes for each subject on what chapters to cover (if not all of a book), and about how much would need to be done each week.

What would help other people???

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